Best Solution for Managing a Corporate Network

If you are employed as a network administrator, managing a corporate network may become your main job duty. You will probably have to deploy new software, monitor the performance of the network and troubleshoot all possible faults to make it operate constantly. However, a network management is a complex notion and it comprises several areas like:

  • Security management (a network administrator has to keep his eye on the network to reveal and troubleshoot all security breaches);
  • Configuration management (a network administrator has to track all changes made on the network);
  • Financial management (a network manager has to collect, analyze and then report information about the financial status of the network).

Managing a corporate network  may seem to be a little bit backbreaking, although with the right approach even the most tiresome work can be done quite easily.

Today, we’re going to share some data about one of the best solutions for managing a corporate network. So what is it.

How Can Total Network Monitor Help You Manage Your Corporate Network?

Total Network Monitor (TNM) is a network monitoring software which will help you continuously keep your eye on your corporate network. It may be used to control local networks, individual computers and important services. Using such kind of programs is quite beneficial as you will be immediately notified about all failures that may happen in the work of the software, hardware and other elements of the corporate network by a sound signal or an email. In addition, all the data about the network failure will be generated into a comprehensive report and sent to your email.

Besides these advantages, we recommend you to use TNM because:

  • It features a handy user interface;
  • It works with all popular Internet protocols;
  • It offers convenient Windows probes;
  • It displays monitoring statistics.

How Does This Software Work?

Once you’ve decided to try your hands with TNM, it’s quite important to understand how network management software works.

Before starting to run TNM for monitoring your network, we advise you to scan it to reveal all the objects connected to it. When the scanning process is finished, you should select, name and add all the objects that require a permanent control into a special database. Finally, you need to create a monitor that will help you to keep your eyes on certain aspects of the network performance.

If any parameter diverges from its normal state, you’ll get a notification about it.

Today, we have shared some data about one of the best network monitoring tools. We hope that our post will help manage your network more effectively.