Your Dream Website of 2017: 20 Best-seller Templates of this January for all CMS

We’ve just entered the year of 2017, the year of new hopes and expectations, of new plans and ambitions and of a new success. The winter months of the year are a great time for new beginnings, with launching a website not being an exclusion. If you decide to launch a website now, you can both reap the rich harvest of 2016 webdesign achievements and touch upon the new 2017 trends that are just emerging.

However, launching a website may seem a big deal for someone who hasn’t done this before. In this case, you just don’t know what to begin with and how to get it all smooth and shining. If you are not a professional webdesigner, working with the code is definitely not the thing you want to spend time on when creating and launching you website.

You’re left with two options. You can pay someone to create a website for you. In this case, you end up paying a lot to get your website a custom design. The second option is a better scenario of launching a perfect website that will boost the revenues of your company. You can simply purchase a template that runs on a CMS (Content Management System) and enjoy customizing it with a comprehensive administrative panel. You can check out a great collection of such templates here; and in this post we want to share the best-selling ones of them with you. These templates are created by the high-praised team of TemplateMonster that is one of the leading companies on the market.

So, if you choose to work with the template, you don’t need to pay a developer for working on your website. In this case, no skills of programming are needed as you just adjust the options that you have at your backoffice and get your website look the way you like, without spending a lot of time. You can change colors, typography and animation speed of website elements, set up social share buttons and widgets, point out your Google Map location and enjoy having an encompassing website that tells everything about you. Moreover, sorting your contents is a real pleasure with different categories and types of posts that are displayed right where you need them at your site.

If you want to save your time and money, and decide that working with a template is the option for you, you need to choose, which template to purchase. The templates run on different CMS (Content Management Systems) and each of them has its own peculiarities. Let me give you a little guide-through.

If you look for a CMS with a simple dashboard, then WordPress engine is a best option as it’s really hard to get lost at its backoffice. On the other hand, Joomla CMS delivers you more options that you can adjust and, consequently, more freedom in what you can get in the end. Landing Page Templates are not crafted for creating a full-blown website, they rather let you build …