How To Wisely Choose a Good Car GPS Navigation

Equipping car gps on a vehicle that serves as a travel partner is the most recommended thing for you who love to travel by car. Moreover, the current transportation facilities in the form of toll roads, provincial roads, ferry crossings from one area to another, even from one country to another country is quite good, and allows you to travel long distances using Private vehicles such as cars or motorcycles.

If you are one of the people who likes to travel long miles by car either traveling or have phobias of other modes of transportation such as aircraft or ships, it is mandatory for you to equip your travel partner with a car GPS, in order to facilitate you in searching A location or place to go. If you want to know a wise way of choosing a car GPS, you should see the information below.

How To Wisely Choose a Good Car GPS

In choosing a car for your vehicle, there are some things you need to consider so that the benefits you can get can be maximized. For quality GPS, you can see through

Here are some ways and things you need to consider when choosing a good car GPS in quality and in accordance with your budget, including:

  • Check what maps have been installed
  • Pay attention to the quality details of images and signals from GPS
  • Check whether GPS signal coverage can cover all areas of either large or smallest, such as small streets that can be an alternative choice when large streets are jammed or unexpected disturbances.
  • Make sure the GPS is updateable or has the facility to update any latest technological developments.
  • Make sure the signal has a high sensitivity when it is mounted on the dashboard or any part of the car.
  • Choose a screen width the size of which makes it easy to see it while driving the car, in addition to check also the brightness and color resolution of the monitor. For the size of the GPS screen there are several options that are 3 “, 4”, 5 “, up to 7 inches.

Know How GPS Works

After knowing how to choose wisely GPS car above, it’s good if you also know how to work GPS signal work in logic, such as

  • Using triangulation calculations, where GPS measures distance using travel time from radio signals
  • Using triangulation calculations via satellite
  • In estimating the distance calculation of a place, you should know exactly the location of the satellite and its orbital height.
  • Generally every area on earth is affordable by 3 to 4 satellites, and the brighter the sky the easier it is GPS to pick up the signal from the satellite.

So little information about car GPS, hopefully can add a little knowledge and your insight.