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5 Points to Consider When Buying an Apartment There’s no doubt that many people are attracted by the idea of apartment living. Before you acquire an apartment, however, it’s very important to know what to consider. Here are five factors to consider if you’re thinking of owning an apartment. Consider the location Location is critical to the long term growth of capital and rental incomes of your apartment. Choose the location carefully before you decide to buy. For example, in inner city areas, apartments that are close to the CBD as well as social amenities like shops and cafes are always in great demand.
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It is also wise to consider an apartment in a neighborhood that’s generally good. Across the nation, a number of state governments are developing urban renewal centers, which usually provide great investment opportunities.
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Find out the ongoing costs When looking for an apartment, cost could be your most critical factor. As apartments are always cheaper than parcels of land or homes, they can make a great investment. However, apartments usually have ongoing costs, so you need to factor that in your budget. Many apartments will attract strata fees, which may vary in cost between buildings. These fees will help cover communal expenses, like repairs in communal parts of the building and lighting. This might be a critical factor when thinking of buying property, so it is definitely worth knowing what the recurrent costs will be from your real estate agent. Ownership of apartment In most cases, ownership of an apartment is under strata title. In other words, each individual owns a single unit in a multi-unit complex. Once you own an apartment, you also have joint ownership of the complex with other apartment owners in the complex. Depending on a strata scheme, areas like the roof, floor, and external walls can be considered common property which doesn’t belong to you. So, you may not be allowed to renovate or alter these areas. Ask about pets Some apartment buildings allow pets but others do not. It’s important to find this out before buying if you wish to keep a pet. Consider apartment views Does the apartment come with any special features that’ll boost its resale value like views? It’s crucial that your apartment offers views. If you have identified an apartment with amazing views, make sure that nothing will restrict the views later on, like the building of a new apartment block near your apartment. Huge balconies or courtyards may also attract buyers if you opt to sell. When shopping for the best apartment, you will find that many things in buildings vary, from how they’re maintained to how much they charge for levies. Be sure to have proper studies and reports done in order to avoid any surprises in the future.