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Choosing a Portable Scanner Safely storing a copy of any of your important files or pictures is to scan them. The soft copy of your files will then last for several years after you saved them. And whenever you may need them, you can easily retrieve them in your computer or on any hard disk or memory card. That can be done by anybody who has a scanner at their home or at their office. But, if you are that type a person who is fond of traveling or a business that always travel because of the nature of your job. Then this is when a portable scanner can be very useful. Just like normal scanner, a portable scanner also scans any documents or pictures. The only difference is that a portable scanner is lighter and more compact as compared to an ordinary scanner. Being portable, its main purpose is to capable of being easily and safely carried around by anyone. There are few things that you might take into consideration before you actually purchase a portable scanner. As different type of scanner also offer different quality. One difference is that some portable scanners may have higher resolution as compared to the others. As the quality of your scanned documents will be much greater if you have a portable scanner that has a high resolution. You can also look for a portable scanner that can scan any type of files, from a document to a picture or even a business card. Beside from being able to scan different sizes of documents, it is also possible to see how long can the batteries last. However, most scanners are able to get the power they need through the usb port of a computer or a laptop. This can be important especially if you are always in a hurry or might have forgotten to charge the battery once in a while. Aside from these things, buying a portable scanner has also many benefits. The first thing is that portable scanners are known to be very light and compact. That can easily be carried anywhere and anytime. Which can be very helpful for those people who always travels and loves to scan pictures immediately or for business man who is always out of town. Portable scanners are also user friendly and that is why it is very easy to use. Any ordinary person can operate any portable scanner. All you need is to turn on the power and you can now scan any documents. As when you have to take some of your work at home and there are a lot of important documents that need to be scan. You can easily bring with you your portable scanner together with the documents and you are done.

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