Tricks to get followers on Soundcloud

How to get more followers in Soundcloud?

Get likes soundcloud

If you follow these steps in a few weeks you will get a good handful of followers and friends, it requires a bit of effort so read the post, put the batteries, follow the steps and get followers in soundcloud.

Start by following Soundcloud users you are interested in.

It sounds pretty obvious but people often start to follow users crazy without any criteria, this is not good, it starts with about 100 people, or at most 200. Not only soundclound that you need some followers, Shazam is need followers to, so you have to check this service, the best buy shazamfollowers service in the world.

Use this group of people that you follow as the core of your group, later as you go about designing your social music network you will be more focused if you follow 100 people if you follow 600.
What’s more, we are going to close the circle more, among those 100 followers choose 20 or 30 in which you are really interested and whose music is important to you. Listen to your songs, start commenting, add to favorites and give to like, be sincere, just say that you liked something that you really liked, if something you did not like just do not comment, do not des al like and do not add To favorites.

The basis for getting followers on Soundcloud: The LCF routine

Like, Comment and Favorite, also applies to Spanish: Like, Tell ya Favorites, this is going to be your routine and the base of the community that you are about to create around your soundcloud account and your name / presence as an artist.

If you are not willing to waste time with the LCF routine, you better give up on getting soundcloud followers. You cannot simply give likes like a madman hoping that they will make you a like back, you should know that the number of people you can follow in soundcloud is limited, max 2000, which suggests the following question; Would you be willing to settle for only 2000 (with good luck) followers on soundcloud? I’ll bet no.

It starts with several topics, not just one.

Prepare a few topics before starting your LCF routine, do not start with just one. Keep in mind that when you get a person to make you a like back in soundcloud it is likely to go to your profile, in most cases, it will be the only time you do, so entertain your guests with a Good selection of your music, you can also give some, or all songs, remember the post last week.

Follow whoever follows you.

Start to make your core fans in soundcloud from there, if someone becomes a follower of yours in soundcloud, return the follow, you will gradually get a group of people from all over the world that will follow you among them, with the point in Common of your love for the same kind of music.

Follow only Soundcloud users who are active, or people you know have been online recently, either because you’ve seen that you recently posted a comment or have seen some activity on your profile. Before there was a green dot that indicated if someone was online, it seems that they have removed it in some soundcloud update. I will recommended you this link to buy real soundcloud followers, more simple, not wasting time, and you will get the best service.

There are a couple of reasons to follow only users who are active:

The first is that there are many users of soundcloud whose accounts are deprecated, following them is useless and not productive, focus on the active users, do not waste time with inactive or little active users whose response will not occur in a Reasonable period of time.

Second, when a user gets a like or comment on soundcloud and is online they are much more likely to return the favor, or at least see your soundcloud profile (which is already a lot).

Just follow people who tend to return the follow.

Follow followers, this is the norm, since it is what you are looking for; Followers.
How can I find out who is going to return the follow me? Very simple, if a person follows 900 and 200 follow him, is very likely to follow me after giving my follow. If on the contrary that person follows 100 and he is followed by 1000 users, the safest thing is that he does not return the follow. Easy, right?

When someone follows you, start your LCF routine in your profile.

You will quickly find that the routine of following followers and doing LCF with your songs will earn you followers, listeners, comments and likes in your soundcloud profile. The tactic is simple but requires effort and dedication.

When someone returns the follow, inquire among their soundcloud followers.

Get followers soundcloud

do not make the mistake of following the people he follows, follow those who follow him. At least start to inquire among those people that group of users who follow who follows you is a good source of future followers. Have you messed with the tongue twister? Surely not. The reason: The people who follow him have already gone through the filter to return the follow, they are potential followers of you.

Study them, do LCF, look at their latest activities, etc … No need to review them one by one, you can look at the number under your profile picture, with the icon of the people that is in the left part, You can click and focus on the top 10, do not get too dizzy or you’ll tire fast. Be careful not to confuse yourself with the photo you see in this article, if below the number you put “following” is because I am following the user, not because the number indicates the people he follows. You have to be online. When you are Online you appear at the top of the list of followers of the profile of the people you follow, this way you become much more visible in the eyes of people who are also making their own core of followers, so keep your Soundcloud open in a browser tab and occasionally refresh the page, you can do it by pressing F5.Ten patience Do not try to do it all the same day, or in a week. Set yourself a daily discipline to divide the work in small doses and not to overwhelm you. You need to be a productive activity, not something mechanical, so take your time and do things well. I hope these guidelines help you get more followers in soundcloud and what is more important a network of fans to your style of music around the world that will not hesitate is to listen, share or comment your songs every time you post one.