understanding Website

To seek information from the Internet, you will be directed to the name of a web site address, can be referred to a domain. Such as: www…….com. After we addressed some name on the web site address, then we will get information from the internet media in the form of text, audio, cpu holder for office works, images and video, and so forth. The website can be used by a program in the internet, called the Browser or an explorer like program, IE Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Netscape. What it WEBSITE? WEBSITE or can also be called by the SITE is a page on which collects an update of data in the form of text, audio, images and video, or data belonging to all of them.

WEBSITE can we categorize into two parts. Namely: WEBSITE STATIC and DYNAMIC WEBSITE. What is a STATIC WEBSITE? STATIC WEBSITE is a web page that does not change.

Now if we want to change the web page, then we can do it by manually by changing the code. And updates information contained in the STATIC WEBSITE This is the info that comes from the owners Software only. As a company profile. What was WEBSITE DYNAMIC? DYNAMIC WEBSITE is a site that constantly updates on its pages. Generally often seen on the page administrator for adding content and changing the contents.

Deposit required by this DYNAMIC site is Database. Also owned by DYNAMIC site are 2 types of information flow, is from the owner or from the user. Therefore in this DYNAMIC site owners and users alike can update the. Such as Facebook and others. And many more usability and are the benefits contained in the WEBSITE. It all depends on us each in his use.