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How IT Has Impacted Health Care Health care has been revolutionized by IT, a fact that’s not surprising. Health personal can manage and maintain information using IT, an aspect that’s crucial to the welfare of patients . Better treatment will be availed by doctor because they can easily access important information. In the past, lots of patients suffered or even died because of lack instant information. Doctors will provide timely medical service, if they can be able to access medical info of patients fast. In order, to enhance patient care, clinics and hospital facilities are utilizing IT systems. It is crucial to know what health informatics entails, before we analyze more benefits of IT in health care. Health Informatics Growth It critical to understand health informatics, if you aren’t aware of the recent developments in the health care field, then its crucial to understand what health informatics entails.In a nutshell, it’s a combination of IT, healthcare and business. Today,plenty of universities offer healthcare IT studies. Such studies help medical professionals run their businesses efficiently. Firstly, theirs is better communication among medical professionals when medical establishments adopt information technology systems. This means that patients can be given better treatment as doctors can consult each other with ease. Doctors make accurate prescriptions secondly because of having access to updated health records. Three, IT systems guarantee confidentiality and security of patients health records. Also,the system are managed by trained person who ensure that information is accurate and can be accessed easily..
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Save Costs IT systems prevent resources from be wasted, according to a number of research studies conducted. Medical facilities that use inefficient processes lost lots of money compared to those that utilized IT systems. A Small Number of Malpractice Claims Since IT systems improve efficiency, it means that patients receive better treatment overall. Cases of malpractices are on the lower side since doctors use up to date info when treating their patients. For example, lab results can easily be retrieved before a patient is given treatment. Health care organizations that employ IT save time compared to those that use paper based methods. Advantages of IT Systems to Patients For starters patients generally get better treatment in organizations that use IT. Patients can easily access their health records hence are better informed about the treatment that they are undergoing. Whether you are physician or patient there is no denying that electronic info can be easily accessed. Many patients who are required to keep logs about their condition normally prefer utilizing electronic logs. In short, maintaining info electronically is simpler than when using paper. To be brief, the impact of information technology on the health care industry has many positive. As such, In order to improve service delivery, health care facilities must adopt information technology.